Xiaomi M2 SE Price in Dubai, UAE  

Xiaomi M2 SE



Xiaomi will be releasing the M2 SE as a new phone that looks somewhat similar to the company’s Mi5 phone. It will especially be a competitor to the Apple iPhone SE in terms of its small design. The phone will have more than enough power to spare. The phone will have a great deal of internal memory and a powerful battery that can be charged up rather quickly. It will also have a durable camera that uses its flash feature.


The 4.3-inch 720p display screen on the Xiaomi M2 SE will be a key marketing point. This will establish a compact look that is easy to store anywhere. The HD display will also give a user an easier time by seeing things even on a smaller body. It is clearly going to be different from the old small screens that other phones of this size have offered in the past.

This will also come with a series of curved edges to create a comfortable grip. A fingerprint sensor will also be included on this phone to make it easier for the user log into the phone and to keep it protected. That sensor, if it is like others from Xiaomi, should not be obtrusive.


The Xiaomi M2 SE will come with 1.8GHz Snapdragon 820 processor. This will feature 3 GB of RAM. This should keep the phone running quickly even with its small body.

There will also be 32 GB of internal memory available for use in the phone. This is a great amount of internal memory that will give the user extra control over how data is to be stored in the phone. it will also support a memory card feature to expand its memory with a proper microSD card is used.

The Android operating system will also be used here. This system will be organised with a simple user interface similar to what other Xiaomi phones use.


A 13-megapixel Sony IMX258 rear camera will be added to the phone. This is a model that will create detailed images and will even work with LED flash feature to add light as needed. The interface on the camera application will also let the user switch from the rear camera to the front part, thus allowing the user to quickly take the photos in any case. This will work with typical multimedia programs that the Android operating system is known for using. It will quickly load well and give better performance for anyone who wants a better phone to work with.


The Xiaomi M2 SE will come with a 3080mAh battery. This will support the Fast Charge 3.0 interface. This interface gets the power on the battery to charge up faster and to run quickly, thus allowing the phone to start working quickly. The smartphone will also get onto Wi-Fi networks quickly. It will support a majority of Wi-Fi network standards so it should not take much time for anyone to make it work as necessary.


  • This will have a simple design that is easy to carry around.
  • It will use a spacious hard drive.
  • The camera will be responsive and easy to use.
  • The phone camera will not support optical image stabilization
  • Although the 720p screens sounds appealing, it is not as detailed as a newer 1080p model.
  • It is unclear as to how advanced the Android OS will be when compared with some newer versions of the OS.