Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus Price in Dubai, UAE  

Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus



Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus is the next flagship phone from Xiaomi. Although nothing much is known about the release of the phone, Xiaomi Mi 6 has already been announced and the release date of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus couldn’t be much further away. The phone will feature a newer version of Android and hence it is anticipated that Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will have a slightly later release date than Xiaomi Mi 6 which is already available in the market for people to grab. The phone will target the middle and upper middle class of Android users and has some pretty awesome features packed in place for the users to try their hands on. This phone is the successor of Xiaomi Mi 5.


Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will sport a massive screen which is 5.7 inches in size and will allow the users with a large display panel to watch images and videos in a cool way. Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels along with a full HD display that is sure to provide users with a vivid image show with all the natural colors and details in place. Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus sports a pixel density of 386 pixels per inch. As far as the leaked designs suggests, Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus has not much of difference than its predecessor, Xiaomi Mi 5. It sports a similar design, although it may have a curved display just like the one available in Samsung Galaxy S7.


Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will run on the latest version of Android, i.e. 7.0 Nougat and will be provided with at least 6 GB RAM that will give its users ample space to run as many apps as they want without slowing the phone down and providing a smooth and lag free usage experience. It will also have an internal memory of either 64GB or 128GB which can be selected by the customers. However, Mi 6 Plus will not support any kind of external memory card which can be a downside for many users. Xiaomi is shipping the phones with huge internal memory will allow you to download and store all the necessary apps and required documents and files without needing a memory card. Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus also has fingerprint sensors in place in order to enhance the security features of the phone. 


Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will have a dual camera. The front camera of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will be 8 MP in size which will allow you to click beautiful selfies with all the required details in place and the autofocus feature will further enhance the quality of the same. The rear panel will sport a 12 MP + 12 MP dual camera which will help you in better image capture and is also equipped with a dual LED flash which will allow you to take beautiful low light captures. The phone also allows video capture mode by which you can capture beautiful video. Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will support all the necessary and available audio and video formats available on the internet. MP3, WAV, eAAC+, FLAC, MP4, DivX, XviD, WMV are just some of the formats it will support apart from others.


Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus will have a massive battery life thanks to the 4500 mAh battery which should allow users to use the phone for a long period of time. Although, the battery life will depend on the usage pattern of the user. The battery is embedded in nature and will be non-removable. As for connectivity of Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus, it will support 3G, 4G, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS and has audio headphone jacks in place for enhancing the connectivity of the phone.


  • Large Battery for long sessions.
  • 10-point multi touch.
  • Huge RAM
  • Fast Charging
  • No expandable storage
  • No FM Radio